Who We Are

Shelgo Tea is a small company based in the North-East of England. It sells herbal tea and accessories to customers across the United Kingdom and Europe, and its products can be found offline (tearooms, restaurants) as well as online.

If you would like to stock Shelgo Tea in your store, visit our Sell Shelgo Tea page. If you have anything else you’d like to ask us, checkout our FAQ or our Contact Us page.

Shelgo Tea is a UK company selling Greek teas and herbs

The Story of Shelgo Tea

Shelgo Tea is the product of an Anglo-Greek partnership. It was founded in 2018 by Paul Aitken and Yiota Giannakopoulou as a way of bringing some criminally underrated Greek teas to the UK market.

Yiota is a Greek native who moved to the UK over 13 years ago to be with Paul. She introduced Paul to sideritis scardica tea on their first couple’s holiday to Greece, after which he spent the rest of the night packing as much of the herb as he could into his suitcase.

They visited Greece many times over the next decade, and after two to three weeks of sightseeing, spending time with family, and enjoying the local culture, they bought Greek mountain tea in bulk to replenish their stock back home.

When work piled up, the vacations dried up and their stock of sideritis went the same way. They were momentarily buoyed when they realised that they could buy the tea on eBay, but that delight quickly turned to disappointment when the teas they received had clearly been sitting at the back of a stockroom for several years and tasted nothing like what they were used to.

They began asking friends and family to ship batches of the tea over from Greece, but as the Greek financial situation worsened, it became a question they were no longer comfortable asking.

Shelgo Tea was founded as a way of filling this obvious gap in the UK market, giving everyone a taste of sideritis tea and ensuring they had the best quality tea available.

What Shelgo Tea Sells

Shelgo Tea is an organic tea company in the United Kingdom

UK customers are missing out on more than sideritis tea; there are a wealth of Greek herbs and teas out there that are completely unknown to the UK market but hailed as cure-alls in Greece and across the Mediterranean.

All of these can be found on Shelgo Tea, from the most sought-after varieties of sideritis, to lemon verbena, and faskomilo.

You can also find an abundance of accessories, gift packs, and more, with new products being added to the range all the time.

How to Join Us

Shelgo Tea is a small business with big ambitions. We currently work as a very small team and while we are always looking to expand, we are not yet looking for new employees.

If you would like to stay in touch with potential Shelgo Tea job openings, keep your eyes on our blog, as all announcements will be posted there. In the near future we will also be launching an affiliate program for webmasters and influencers.