If you want to help spread the Shelgo Tea brand across the United Kingdom then we would love to hear from you!

We are happy to work with restaurants, tearooms, and independent suppliers who want to stock our products on shelves or list them on menus.

The Brand

Shelgo Tea was founded by Anglo-Greek tea lovers with a passion for Mediterranean produce and an obsession with all-things tea. The brand is based in the North-East of England where we’re always at work on new recipes, new products, and new ways to introduce unique teas to the UK market.

Our teas are available for purchase across the UK from the Shelgo Tea online store and social media pages and through many restaurants, retailers, and tearooms. These range from an art-house cinema to a specialty tea shop—anywhere that good food and great tea is available.

The Products

Our herbal teas are organically grown, packed with care, and shipped to customers nationwide from our base in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering something a little different, which is why you will struggle to find anything quite like the Shelgo Tea selection.

  • Tea: Our teas go through minimal processing from the point of harvest to the point of sale. They are grown without pesticides, checked thoroughly to ensure they are free of environmental contaminants, and then chopped and hand-selected before packaging. They are not pulverised or heat-treated and, in the case of camomile, we sell only the flowers of the plant, with no stalks, no dust, and none of nature’s other detritus in the end product.
  • Honey: Our honey is sourced from Southern Greece and has a uniquely rich, aromatic flavour. Shelgo Tea’s Greek Honey is organic, raw, and versatile—perfect for a cup of Greek Mountain Tea, a slice of buttered toast, or even a sticky-savoury sauce.
  • Teaware: Our tea accessories are of the highest quality, and while we currently focus on infusers, we’re constantly looking to add more to our range.

The Orders

All the products in the Shelgo Tea online store are available at wholesale prices. If you run a brick-and-mortar retail business, then these teas will be supplied in the same weight denominations as quoted in our store. If they are intended for the hospitality industry or for use by caterers, we can supply larger quantities.

Use the form below to let us know what kind of business you operate, what Shelgo Tea products you want to sell, and where you are located. We will reply by email in the first instance and can arrange a meeting over the phone or in person if needed.

Get In Touch

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