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Shelgo Tea

Cistus Incanus Tea (Organic)

Cistus Incanus Tea (Organic)

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Cistus Incanus is the herb that everyone's talking about! It's delicious, packed full of antioxidants. As with everything in the Shelgo Tea store, our cistus is 100% organic, loose leaf, and sourced from Greece.

  • Type: Loose Leaf Tea
  • Quantity: 50 grams (30+ cups)
  • Taste: Aromatic, Rich
  • Origin: Greece
  • Organic: Yes
  • Brew Tips: Use 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup & steep for 5 minutes (adjust brewing time and quantity for stronger/weaker tea).


Cistus x Incanus is a herb that has found itself at the centre of a lot of exciting research. 

There is a lot to get excited about here, which is why we spent several months sourcing the very best organic cistus tea for you to try. This product is of Greek origin and is roughly chopped for each of use, before being packed in kraft paper bags. We use minimal plastic and we guarantee that nothing has been added to or taken away from the tea. It’s 100% natural cistus with no flavourings, preservatives or colours, just as it should be.

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