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Shelgo Tea

Nettle Tea (Wild, Loose Leaf)

Nettle Tea (Wild, Loose Leaf)

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Nettles contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Our all-natural nettle tea is picked wild in Greece and is dried/packed without the use of pesticides or preservatives.
  • Type: Loose Leaf Tea
  • Quantity: 30 grams (20+ cups)
  • Origin: Greece
  • Harvest: Hand-Picked from the Wild
  • Brew Tips: Use 2 teaspoons per cup & steep for 3 to 5 minutes

Nettles, also known as “common nettles” or “stinging nettles”, don’t have the best reputation. They are the scourge of landscapers and adventurous children and have been responsible for many tears and indignant outbursts. We’re raised to treat nettles with caution, and to anyone who spent their childhood being perpetually stung by these malicious leaves, the idea of consuming nettle tea will seem preposterous.

After all, isn’t the nettle a worthless, abundant weed that every herbalist would be happy to see the back of?

Well, not quite.

The common nettle has been used as a food source for hundreds of years. So, get your dock leaves at the ready and prepare for a prickly harvest, because those nettles at the end of your garden are a lot more beneficial than you gave them credit for.

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