Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all Shelgo Tea customers, whether they order online or offline. If you have a question about any of these terms, be sure to check our Contact Us page. If you have a question that wasn’t addressed, read our privacy policy, where you will find information regarding cookies and more.

Where applicable, the terms “you” and “your” refer to customers of Shelgo Tea while “we”, “our”, “this website”, and “Shelgo Tea” are used to refer to Shelgo Tea Ltd and its properties.

1. Orders

  1. We take payment as soon as the order is accepted. Payment can be made via a number of methods through either the Stripe or PayPal payment gateway.
  2. All orders are subject to availability. The listed availability of a product on the website and the receipt of an order email are not guarantees that said product is available and will be shipped. Orders may still be rejected, at which point refunds will be granted.
  3. Delivery is based on availability. We reserve the right to use alternative delivery sources if we believe that doing so would result in a quicker process or if the listed option is not available.
  4. In the event of a pricing mistake, we reserve the right to put the order on hold until the customer is notified and has decided on a course of action going forward. If the customer cannot be contacted, the order will be cancelled and any payments made will be refunded.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse orders and/or deny access to Shelgo Tea and to do so at our discretion.

2. Returns and Cancellations

  1. All refunds will be made via the payment method used to complete the order. We cannot accept requests to refund money via alternative payment methods.
  2. You have the right to cancel your order prior to receiving a shipping confirmation email. You may also choose to return the order in a full and undamaged state within 14 days, at which point we will refund the full cost of the order along with our shipping costs.
  3. If you are unhappy with a product and believe it to be defective, you may return the item to us within 30 days. The item needs to be in its original packaging and both the packaging and the product must be in a condition fit for resale. If so, the cost of the product (not the entire order) and postage will be refunded. Contact us to arrange a return.
  4. In the event of a faulty product, we reserve the right to offer a repair or a replacement.

3. Delivery

  1. Shelgo Tea is run by a small team that focuses on quality service and great products above all else. As a result, we don’t always offer fast delivery options but will provide customers with an estimated dispatch and arrival date where possible.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for deliveries that arrive outside of the estimated date of delivery unless a “special delivery” option is chosen.
  3. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to an item once it is in your care, unless an item was faulty at the point of sale (see 2.III).
  4. We cannot be held responsible for damaged goods that result from deliveries to neighbours or “safe places”.
  5. We take great care to protect the products that we ship, but some breakages may occur from time to time. In such cases, contact us and we will arrange a replacement.
  6. Orders for “Next Day” delivery, when available, must be placed before the specified cut-off point if you want to receive the order the next day.
  7. Any money paid for a delivery option that was not offered (Next Day, Saturday Delivery, etc.) will be refunded only if we were at fault. We cannot be responsible for failings on behalf of delivery companies.
  8. If our chosen delivery provider does not deliver to your area or repeatedly fails to deliver the parcel, we reserve the right to choose a different company.

4. Marketing and Promotions

  1. Only one coupon code may be used at any time, and we reserve the right to cancel any order should a fault in the ordering process allow multiple coupons to be used.
  2. We cannot be held responsible for orders that are processed without coupon codes as a result of human error on behalf of the customer (although we will happily cancel the order).
  3. All coupon codes and promotions are subject to the terms and conditions described at the point of release.
  4. Certain items, including discounted goods, special offers, and limited-runs, may be exempt from promotions and coupons.
  5. Coupons and promotions cannot be entered retroactively after the point of sale and need to be added during the ordering process. Our support staff therefore reserves the right to refuse requests to provide discounts after orders have been placed.

5. The Website

  1. Shelgo Tea is a registered trademark and any use or misuse of it may result in prosecution.
  2. All the content contained within the Shelgo Tea website, including logos, product descriptions, articles, images, and video, are protected by trademark and copyright law.
  3. We cannot be held responsible for the misuse or misinterpretation of the blogs, tea guides, and “superfood” discussion articles contained on this website. Warnings are supplied where applicable and should be followed.

6. Liabilities

  1. When you order from Shelgo Tea, you establish a contract, and this contract shall be governed by English law. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  2. By using this website, you agree that Shelgo Tea shall not be held accountable for liabilities and claims as a result of your use/misuse of this site, its products, and the advice contained within.
  3. Shelgo tea are not liable for any credit card fees, PayPal fees, or other payment fees lost when refunding a product.