CatNap Organic Tea Blend

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Chill out with CatNap, an all-natural blend of teas designed to soothe the mind and relax the body. CatNap contains three organic herbs ingredients prized for their calming qualities: Camomile flowers, Lemon Verbena, and Lavender.

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The herbs found in CatNap are grown organically on the mountains of Greece, before being dried, chopped, blended, and then packed. There are no additives and no flavourings, because when you use good ingredients you don’t need them.

  • Type: Loose Leaf Tea
  • Quantity: 50 grams (30+ cups)
  • Taste: Intense, Slightly Sweet
  • Origin: Greece
  • Organic: Yes

We chose these herbs not just because they work great together and promote feelings of calm but also because they taste great. Camomile is very delicate and fragrant; lavender is fuller, stronger; and the addition of the citrusy lemon verbena is like a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

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CatNap Shelgo Tea

What Does CatNap Contain?

  • Camomile: Contains flavones that may be able to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress (1). It was considered sacred by the Saxons, believed to cure malaria by the Egyptians, and is still used to treat a number of ailments today. Learn more about the benefits of camomile in our guide.
  • Lemon Verbena: A potent herb that possess an array of beneficial properties. It may help to reduce anxiety and stress (2) and has also been hailed for its ability to aid with muscle recovery and reduce pain and inflammation. Read more here.
  • Lavender: The oils of this plant are thought to promote feelings of calm, helping you de-stress as you inhale their scent. Lavender has an extensive history of use as an anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia herb, as discussed in our guide to lavender.

And that’s it. There are no preservatives or flavourings, no sugars or sweeteners. It’s all-natural, all-organic, and just what you need after a long day.

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How to Brew Catnap

  1. The Brew: 2 heaped teaspoons steeped for 4 to 5 minutes creates the perfect cup. If you find it too strong, reduce the brewing time to 3 minutes or less.
  2. The Colour: Dark yellow with a green hue.
  3. The Extras: Honey or sugar for sweetness, but no milk.
  4. The Taste: Rich and complex, with a citrusy bite.
  5. How to Drink It: Caffeine addicts, drink it in place of your final daily cup of tea or coffee; everyone else, take a cup to bed.

CatNap is a whole-leaf mix, as opposed to several ground-up powders, so the taste can differ ever-so-slightly from cup to cup. We also sell this blend in bulk, giving you more for your money.

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CatNap Tea for Anxiety

What Can Catnap Do For You?

Catnap contains a combination of teas used to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. It’s not a sleeping tablet—it’s not going to knock you out. But if you struggle to shut down on an evening, if you’re constantly “wired” from the day’s activities or from all the caffeine running through your bloodstream, then it may help.

Other Benefits of Catnap

The three herbs used in Catnap are often used as digestive aids and may help relieve indigestion and soothe other digestive ailments, which means a cup of Catnap could also be just the ticket after a big meal.

Catnap is also loaded with antioxidants, consumption of which may help reduce your risk of developing a catalogue of diseases. Of course, one cup of tea isn’t going to offset a day spent eating fried bacon and drinking Guinness, so this only really applies when it is consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

When to Drink Catnap

Catnap works best as a nighttime drink. It may help send you to sleep sooner, ensure you sleep deeper, and eradicate any of the stress and anxieties that can build up at the end of the day.

You can also enjoy Catnap anytime you want to relax and unwind, but we recommended testing your reactions to the drink before you start sipping it throughout the day. It can trigger a more sedating effect in some users than it does in others, so we wouldn’t recommend driving or operating heavy machinery after you drink the tea unless you have a good idea of how you will react to it.

Why Did You Call it Catnap?

Cats are peaceful creatures that sleep for up to 16 hours a day! They sleep at will, which is enough to make any hyper-stressed insomniac jealous. We called it Catnap because we used three herbs that are thought to induce feelings of relaxation, herbs that can hopefully help you sleep as peacefully and contentedly as our feline friends.

We also love a good pun.

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Tips on Beating Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia can be caused by many things, some of which are easier to treat than others. It can be a side effect to a certain type of drug or medication, the result of an over-active mind, or the product of a very stressful day.

There are a number of things you can try that may help you overcome insomnia. These can be tested with or without Catnap, but this drink works best when consumed as part of a relaxing evening ritual.

  • Stop consuming caffeine at least 4 hours prior to going to bed. This includes caffeinated soft drinks and energy drinks, as well as black tea and coffee.
  • Go to bed to sleep, not to watch TV.
  • Keep all distractions (especially your phone) out of reach. Not only can the temptation of those notifications keep you awake, but the glow of the screen can affect your internal clock (3).
  • Take a long, relaxing bath to increase your body temperature and relax you.
  • Try spraying some essential oils on your pillow or diffusing them into the air. Lavender is said to be very effective.
  • Read a book as you enjoy a relaxing cup of tea (we recommend Catnap, of course).

If you have suffered from insomnia for years and feel like you have tried everything, then this advice is only going to make you roll your eyes. In such cases, the issue may be more deeply ingrained and may require some serious lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Reduce Your Caffeine Intake: If you’re addicted then you’ll know just how tired you can get after you go hours without your fix. Use this to your advantage by timing it so that your tiredness kicks in when you go to bed.
  • Reduce Your Alcohol Intake: Alcohol is great for sending you to sleep but terrible at keeping you there. It should not be used as a sleep-aid (although it often is), and if you drink excessively then it could be at the root of your insomnia.
  • Exercise Your Body: Wear yourself out and by bedtime your body will be desperate for some shut-eye.
  • Exercise Your Brain: Read, write, draw, work on some puzzles—just make sure you keep your brain occupied with activities that require effort.
  • Sleep in Darkness: Light plays a very important role in sleep (4) as it alters the production of melatonin, the body’s sedative. If there is too much light, whether from a lamp or a phone, you may struggle to sleep. If you work nights, try blackout blinds.
  • Speak to a Doctor: If you’re still struggling to sleep and it is having an adverse effect on your life, it might be time to chat with a professional. If you’re worried that they’ll just fob you off with addictive sedatives, then make it clear that you want to exhaust all other options first.

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Additional information

Weight50 g
Used For

Anti-Cancer, Anxiety, Digestion, Insomnia, Relaxation, Stress

3 reviews for CatNap Organic Tea Blend

  1. Spencer Tapley

    Before bed every night, I drink an herbal blend of lavender and rose. Not anymore! This tea’s my new night-time drink of choice. The scent alone is enough to relax.

  2. Sarah Hamilton

    I stumbled across this aromatic blend of herbs last month when I was looking for relaxation aids. The smell when I opened the pack was heavenly. The organic lavender, in particular, smells divine and the taste with a bit of honey was very satisfying. Connoisseurs would crucify me, but I also love a bit of milk in my brew!The purrfect brew indeed. I will be ordering again. Thank you Shelgo Tea!

  3. Rachel Wood (verified owner)

    Love,love,love this tea! I normally have as my bedtime tea an infusion of camomile, lemon balm, valerian root but now it’s going to have to be this catnap! I did put 2spoons of organic honey in and found it sweet so tonight will ease up and not have so much. On the whole 10 out of 10!

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