Welcome to Shelgo Tea, the home of healthy herbal teas.

Shelgo Tea is an independent tea company focused on providing the tea-loving British public with healthy, flavourful, organic teas. We sell only the highest quality loose leaf teas, use as much biodegradable packaging as we can, and ensure that no pesticides, preservatives, or flavourings have come in contact with our products during any stage of production.

Our Products

  • Herbal Teas: From our organic sideritis scardica (aka Greek mountain tea) to our wild-picked Greek dandelion, we sell nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich loose leaf teas that pack a healthy punch.
  • Accessories: Our Shelgo Tea teaware selection includes the Shelgo Tea Infuser, which can be used to brew hot and cold infusions.
  • Gift Packs: The perfect gift for any tea lover—yourself included! Our gift packs combine synergistic herbs to help you Detox, Relax, or Feel Energised.
  • Honey: Coming soon!

To see what we have in stock, click onto “Tea” or “Teaware” at the top of this page or browse through our latest additions on the sidebar to the right.

Our Promise

Shelgo Tea is a forward-thinking company with health and ecology at its heart. We pride ourselves on being biodegradable where possible and transparent when not, and we promise never to launch a product we wouldn’t be happy using ourselves.

Every tea we sell comes with an extensive guide covering everything from brewing tips and recipes to health benefits and side effects. These studies are the reason we launched Shelgo Tea, the reason we drink the teas we sell, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Read More

If you want to learn more about herbal teas, honey, and more, click the “Discover” tab. We have extensive tea guides on products we don’t sell (but may sell in the future) and a blog with daily posts on everything tea related.

To learn more about the people behind the brand, visit our About Us page.