Teas that May Help you Lose Weight

All the teas below have been linked with positive weight-loss studies suggesting they can be used to help you shed a few pounds. We’ve tried to focus on the teas that can actually lead to fat loss, whether by boosting your metabolism or suppressing your appetite, as opposed to ones that simply increase urination.

A lot of the teas currently being sold as “weight-loss teas” are guilty of this. The manufacturers fill them with laxatives like senna and diuretics like liquorice root. The end result is a few grams less on the scales, but only until your next drink or meal. This is not only misleading, but it’s also potentially dangerous, as they are recommended for regular consumption.

On Shelgo Tea, you won’t find any of that. Some of these teas have been known to decrease water retention, but our focus is on teas that assist with legitimate fat loss, and teas that are not just safe to consume regularly but will also benefit your health when you do so.

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