Teas to Help with Digestive Issues

Tea has been consumed as a digestive aid for centuries. In China, they drink oolong or Pu’er, while here in the United Kingdom we turn to peppermint. But there are many more teas that can help with indigestion and other digestive discomfort, including camomile, which may help with everything from irritable bowel syndrome to colic and more.

Below you will find a host of herbal teas consumed for this purpose. These teas can be consumed throughout the day, as their anti-inflammatory properties will help to keep digestive inflammation—and all the issues that can arise from it—at bay. They can also be consumed directly after a heavy meal, making sure indigestion doesn’t become a problem.

These teas also provide a number of other health benefits, all of which are discussed at length on the product pages. Just scroll down, click onto “Health Benefits,” and see how they can help you. These pages contain information on the best ways to brew them, recipes to get the most out of them, precautions, and more.

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