Teaware from Shelgo Tea

Loose leaf tea tastes better, it undergoes minimal processing, and as a result, it may also be better for you. It requires a little more care and attention, but if you have the right tools then it’s much easier and much more rewarding.

All of our tea accessories were created with convenience and simplicity in mind. We want to help you make the switch to quality loose leaf teas, whether you’re using them to drink our organic herbal teas or to brew your favourite black tea blend.

We love convenience just as much as you do, but we also love good tea. In launching our tea accessories, we wanted to create a range that helped to make things that little bit easier without sacrificing quality, and we believe we managed to do just that. These accessories include our Thermos Infuser, which combines elements of an infuser, a tea pot, and a thermos all-in-one, perfect whether you’re taking your favourite brew on a picnic or you’re steeping a pot to enjoy over breakfast.

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