Tea Accessories (Teaware)

The Shelgo Tea accessories range is growing all the time. We source the very best teaware from suppliers all over the world, making it easy for you to enjoy our herbal teas every day. These accessories include state-of-the-art infusers like our Thermos Infuser, which can be used to brew hot tea that will stay hot for hours or cold tea that can be brewed slowly in the fridge. It can also be used like any other water bottle, as it maintains its temperature throughout the day.

We sell accessories that make brewing herbal tea as convenient as using a teabag. tea pots that bring the ritual back into tea making, and more. These accessories are available in limited quantities and when they are gone they may never return, so make sure you check back regularly and act quickly if you find something you like.

See below for our full list of tea accessories.

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