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The Shelgo Tea Offers Club is the place to be if you want the best discounts on the healthiest herbal teas and teaware. This is our version of a newsletter, only we’re just as sick of the same-old boring newsletter format as you are so we’ve decided to do things a little differently.

Offers' Club

We will never opt you in to this newsletter without you explicitly requesting it, and we promise only to send you emails when we have something worth saying. In most (nearly all) cases, it will be to announce a new offer or discount, and many of these are only provided to members of our Offers Club.

So, if you want Shelgo Tea vouchers and coupons that actually work, make sure you go through here.

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What You Can Expect

  • Frequency: We send occasional emails, and we mean occasional. We promise to never send you more than 2 a week. Most of the time, you won’t even receive that many in a month!
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