Many herbs can be made into tea. If something is edible, can provide a number of benefits and doesn’t taste like a cat’s litter tray, then it can make for a good tea. And even if it does taste like Felix’s soggy sandbox, it may still be consumed as a tea somewhere by some people (valerian is a good example of this).

On Shelgo Tea we are devoted to sourcing the highest quality teas that have proven benefits, can work wonders for your heath, and also taste great. We spend our days researching into unique teas and herbs and the ones that don’t pass muster and make it into our store, may still be written about in the Shelgo Tea blog.

Providing they are interesting, that is. In this section you will find guides to a host of weird and unusual teas. None of these are sold in our store and none of them ever will be, but that does’t make them any less interesting and if you love tea as much as we do then you’ll enjoy reading these guides.