You don’t have to reject modern medicine just to embrace natural remedies. It does not have to be a case of either/or; these two can exist in equilibrium.

Here at Shelgo Tea we believe that everyone owes it to themselves to consume as many healthy, natural foods and drinks as they can. Not just because they help to maintain overall health, but because they may also help to reduce many of the symptoms of modern life, whether that be digestive disorders caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, refined sugars, and processed food, or stress caused by a combination of career and family life.

All of our teas can provide some assistance in this regard, but the same can be said for many plant-based foods and beverages. It’s those substances that we will take a look at in this section of the Shelgo Tea website, covering a host of natural remedies and their uses and side effects.

You don’t have to believe in the “healing power of Mother Nature”, and you definitely don’t have to agree with homeopathy or other pseudosciences. That’s not what we’re discussing here. We’re talking about actual science, genuinely healthy compounds and real health benefits.