Revive Tea Gift Pack


Feeling slow and sluggish? Perk-up with this pack of uplifting herbs. From the first sip to the last these healthy herbal teas may help to awaken your mind, ignite your senses and kick your body into gear.

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These all-natural, all-organic teas are grown on the mountains of Greece before being hand-picked and carefully packed, ensuring each leaf is as flavourful and as healthy as the next. They are caffeine-free, contain no harmful stimulants or additives, and can be mixed and consumed together.

In fact, if you want the maximum amount of flavour and antioxidants in each cup, then we recommend doing just that!

This Revive Gift Pack Contains

  • Lemon Verbena (20 grams): A flavourful herb that has a variety of uses. Lemon verbena adds a zesty burst of flavour, which is why it is commonly used to flavour foods and drinks across South America and in the Mediterranean. As a healing herb, it may help with everything from digestion to muscle recovery and more. Read more about lemon verbena here.
  • Sideritis Scardica (25 grams): Native to Greece, this herb has been consumed for its health benefits since ancient times. It could be one of the healthiest herbs in the world and is said to reduce inflammation throughout the body, helping to combat a host of ailments and to make you feel better from head to toe. Click here to learn more.
  • Sage (30 grams): A common herb with a strong flavour and a rich mineral profile. Sage is common in the United Kingdom, but it’s very rare to find it in whole leaf form and that’s what we sell here. When consumed in this form sage can provide a number of benefits. Learn more here.

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Weight200 g

Sideritis Scardica 25g, Sage 30g, Lemon Verbena 20g


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