Relaxation Tea Gift Pack


Kick-back, unwind, and enjoy the depth of flavour provided by these three organic herbs, each as healthy and as relaxing as the next. These herbal teas are prized for their calming properties, as well as their rich antioxidant profiles.

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This gift-pack contains three all-natural, all-organic herbs grown on the mountains of Greece. They are naturally caffeine-free and contain unique compounds thought to induce feelings of relaxation—perfect during a long soak in the bath or after a hectic day at work.

This Relaxation Gift Pack Contains

  • Camomile (50 grams): The go-to drink for insomniacs the world over, camomile is much more than just a sleep aid and may be better suited as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety herb.
  • Sideritis Scardica (25 grams): The Ancient Greeks prized it as a panacea and their modern counterparts still reach for it every time they feel stressed, sluggish, or ill. Sideritis is packed full of healthy compounds and is the subject of a lot of exciting health research.
  • Lavender (30 grams): The scent of lavender is enough to induce feelings of calm. It has been used as a relaxant for hundreds of years and is the perfect accompaniment to any evening ritual.

Additional information

Weight200 g

Camomile 50g, Sideritis Scardica 25g, Lavender 30g


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