Echinacea Tea and Cistus Tea (6 Bags of Immune Boosting Teas)


Keep your immune system strong with a 6 month supply of flu-fighting super-teas from Shelgo Tea. This bundle includes 3 bags of Organic Echinacea (120 grams total) and 3 bags of Organic Cistus (150 grams total) to keep you strong!

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Echinacea and Cistus are two of the most popular teas in the Shelgo Tea store, limited edition varieties that will soon be launched as part of our flagship range. Countless customers have praised these teas for their immune-supporting, flu-fighting properties, and now we’re bringing them together as a gift set!

This product contains 3 bags of 40 gram Echinacea and 3 bags of 50 gram Cistus. That’s 270 grams of tea in total, or enough to make close to 200 cups of super-powered herbal tea!

All loose leaf tea included in this order has been grown organically and harvested from the mountains of Greece. To read more about these products, see our guides on Echinacea Tea and Cistus Tea. And if you want to complete the set, why not include some wholesale Greek Mountain Tea, a herbal superhero that the ancients believed could cure everything!

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