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Echinacea is the ultimate immune-boosting, inflammation-fighting plant, and we have the highest quality organic variety available here. Forget about cheap extracts and low quality “dust” teas and get the highest quality organic echinacea from Shelgo Tea. There are no additives/flavourings, just whole, chopped echinacea.

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Echinacea tea is a strong, antioxidant-rich tea that could provide an array of health benefits. The most notable of these is its apparent ability to hasten recovery from cold and flu (see below to learn more about this) which is actually backed by scientific research. It’s not as fragrant as Sideritis or as rich as Cistus as far as its taste is concerned, but it could be one of the healthiest herbal teas available and that warrants its inclusion in our Limited Edition range!

Our echinacea grows wild on the mountains of Greece, away from intensive farming and pesticides. It is collected, dried and the shipped to us whole, after which we roughly chop it, add it to our resealable kraft bags, and then send it to you!

A little of this herb goes a very long way, providing all of the benefits discussed below, which is why we like to keep a jar on the kitchen counter and add a pinch to other herbal teas.

  • Type: Loose Leaf Tea
  • Quantity: 40 grams (15 to 30 cups)
  • Taste: Strong, Bitter (Best with Mint or Lemon Verbena)
  • Origin: Greece
  • Organic: Yes
  • Brew Tips: Use 2 teaspoons per cup & steep for 5 to 7 minutes (adjust brewing time and quantity for stronger/weaker tea).

A Guide to Echinacea Tea

Echinacea is one of those herbal remedies that no one talks about 11 months of the year—and that no one stops talking about during cold/flu season. It’s often added to herbal cold and flu remedies with claims that it can support the immune system and help you free yourself from the snotty clutches of common viruses.

As with any herb, one of the best ways to consume it is in its natural form, where you know what you’re getting is pure and unadulterated. Such is the case with our echinacea tea, which is made using the whole dried plant, ensuring you get more of the benefits.

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Benefits of Echinacea Tea

The Benefits of Echinacea Tea

Echinacea is a member of the daisy family and is also known as the purple coneflower. The word echinacea comes from the Greek word for “spiny one” because of the spiny pod at the centre of the flower, and it is native to North America, with large quantities found in the Ozarks (which spans the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri) as well as parts of Canada.

It is said to have been used by Native Americans, who were likely the first to pick up on the health benefits of echinacea.

1. It Really Can Help with the Flu

This is the benefit that everyone knows about and that most people are (rightly) skeptical of, but evidence suggests that echinacea tea really can help with cold and flu. In one case, 473 patients with early influenza symptoms were studied to see if echinacea consumption could hasten the rate at which they recovered from the virus.

The groups were compared after 1 day, 5 days, and 10 days, and researchers noted improvements in the echinacea group at all stages. The improvements were slight, but it suggests that echinacea is able to assist in beating this common infection.

These results have been backed by other studies, confirming the claim that echinacea can help in fighting cold and flu if it is consumed at the first signs of symptoms. However, as mentioned above, the differences are slight and drinking echinacea tea while you have a cold is no guarantee that you will beat it faster. It’s also hard to say whether regular consumption of echinacea will reduce your chances of getting the flu in the first place.

2. It May Help in the Fight Against Cancer

Most herbal teas are packed with antioxidants, some more than others. These compounds are an essential part of a healthy diet and may help reduce the risk of chronic disease when they are consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Echinacea is another such herbal tea, but as always, we’re not just mentioning its anti-cancer properties because it has a few antioxidants.

Echinacea has also been considered a herbal remedy for the treatment of breast cancer, which is one of the biggest killers of women in the United Kingdom, with one in nine developing it at some point in their life. Its abilities to support the immune system and activate key enzymes could prove invaluable in stopping the spread of cancer in the body.

However, a lot more research needs to be done before any conclusions can be made. It’s important to remember there are a lot of herbs out there that show similar, and often better, cancer-killing properties, including turmeric and dandelion, and even they are a long way from being recommended as a first course of treatment.

What is Echinacea Tea

3. It Can Reduce Inflammation

The antioxidants in echinacea could also help reduce inflammation triggered by joint pain and digestive disorders. Many herbal teas have been classified as anti-inflammatories, including our own sideritis (which you can buy here), as well as nettle (which you can buy here). In fact, echinacea’s abilities to reduce the symptoms of joint pain and other inflammatory joint conditions are very similar to those of nettle. Both are common plants found throughout North America (and Europe, in the case of nettle) and both work in similar ways, it seems.

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Other Benefits of Echinacea

Regular consumption of echinacea tea could help diabetic patients regulate their blood sugar levels. It has been classified as an anti-diabetic, and early studies have been very positive. It may also help improve heart health by regulating blood pressure, something that seems to result from its high antioxidant levels.

It has been suggested that echinacea can help with anxiety, depression, sickness, and general skin conditions, but there is very little proof to back up any of these claims and a lot more research needs to be conducted.

Side Effects of Echinacea Tea

As is usually the case, you should avoid echinacea tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is true of most herbal teas and herbal remedies. In some cases, this is because the herb can cause uterine contractions early on in pregnancy; in the majority of cases, it’s because no one can say with absolute certainty that these herbs are safe during pregnancy.

If you are allergic to daisies, or any similar plants, then you should also avoid echinacea, as it can trigger serious side effects. It is also not recommended for people with autoimmune disorders due to its interactions with the immune system—this includes lupus and psoriasis—and anyone taking immunosuppressant drugs should first consult with a medical professional.

Side Effects of Echinacea Tea

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How to Brew Echinacea

The brewing time will depend on the quantity used and whether you have fresh or dried material. If you have the latter and have purchased it from a health food store or as a pre-prepared loose leaf tea, then the brewing instructions should be on the pack. It’s important to follow these as opposed to general online instructions just in case the tea you have contains an extract, other ingredients, or has been processed into a fine powder, in which case the following brewing instructions may be too strong.

If you have the fresh flowers, add about 50 g of flowers to a quarter of a litre of water, bring to the boil, simmer for ten minutes, and then add sugar or honey to taste. The process is not unlike the process for brewing Greek mountain tea, but with echinacea, you need to use more of the flowers to get the desired results.

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  1. Martin Crane

    To me, it tastes like a creamy cup of mushroom soup. I know that sounds disgusting, but it’s amazing, and very soothing. Only tried it for one day so I’m not sure about the benefits, but I’m amazed that I actually enjoy the taste. Wasn’t expecting that.

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