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Our CatNap organic tea blend is now available as a bulk buy, and fans of this relaxing and soothing blend can get 4 bags for less than the price of 3! CatNap contains three relaxing herbs: Lavender, Camomile, Lemon Verbena. It’s free of caffeine, additives and flavourings.

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Create the purrfect brew with CatNap, our own herbal tea blend that contains three organic herbs said to promote feelings of calm, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help beat insomnia.

Our Bulk CatNap contains four 50g bags, enough to make a strong cup of relaxing herbal tea every night for the next four months! CatNap has a deep, rich flavour with a citrus edge (provided by the lemon verbena). It should be consumed without milk and can be enjoyed with a little sugar or honey.

If you need some help making the perfect cup of CatNap, take a look at the Shelgo Tea Infuser. The unique structure of this bottle infuser will let you brew your CatNap in a two easy steps and it will keep it nice and hot throughout the day.

Benefits of CatNap

The main ingredient in CatNap is camomile, a favourite with herbal tea drinkers all over the world. We use only the flowers of the camomile plant, which are sourced from organic farms in Greece. Camomile has been consumed for centuries to aid with relaxation and stress, as well as digestive discomfort and a host of other ailments.

The second ingredient is lavender, which contains essential oils known to ease stress and insomnia when inhaled and consumed, and the final ingredient is lemon verbena, which is believed to work in a similar way to camomile.

All of these herbs are organic, they are all sourced from the mountains of Greece, and as well as providing similar health benefits their tastes also complement each other perfectly. Camomile is sweet but slightly bitter; lavender is rich and intense; and lemon verbena tastes like a fresh squirt of lemon juice, livening up the blend enough to offset the bitterness of the camomile and to get the best from the lavender.

These herbs are also sold individually in our Relaxation Gift Set, which you can buy here.

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